Corazón Super Build

In just one day, you can change a family’s life in the most profound way. You can give them shelter, security, and and perhaps more importantly—you could give them hope. Each year the Rotary Club of Las Vegas West participates in the Corazon Super Build project in Tecate, Mexico and builds an eligible family a home, all in just one day! Many families live in shacks and improvised shelters, often with no paved flooring. Corazón gives well deserving families a solid, substantial 16x20 foot home to shelter and protect their loved ones.

In order to be placed on the waiting list for a house build, a family has to have completed a minimum of 500 community service hours and be an active Corazón participant. To be considered “active,” participants must contribute 15 hours a month of community service in order to receive benefits. In other words, the family committed itself to the Corazón program.

This is one of the clubs favorite programs. Many participant families join the Corazon Community out of a need of a home ,but they stay involved in the program for the numerous amounts of benefits and opportunities.

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